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Android Game


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Design & Development

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Content Development


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I’m Thomas Englund, a digital designer. I grew up on rock n’ roll, comic books and Bavarian treats. When I was a young lad I began making stop motion videos with my Lego blocks and I’ve had a passion for multimedia ever since. I’ve always been enthralled with the arts and have a propensity for problem solving. These two interests have lead me to my current field of digital design with a focus on responsive and intuative web development.

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SAIT LogoI have a diploma in New Media Production and Design from SAIT Polytechnic. My time at SAIT has given me a diverse toolkit of skills and knowledge of the industry as a whole. Thus giving me a great grounding for the future.

University of Cagary Logo I recently completed a bachelor's degree in Communication Studies at the University of Calgary. My time at the University has given me invaluable critical thinking skills that have changed the way I view media, in the world and in my work. It has also given me a diversity of knowledge I draw on everyday.

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I have been working at youRhere Interactive Directories for over two years. Where I am responsible for creating digital content for directories used throughout the country, for clients large and small. It has given me the excellent experience of working in a team oriented production environment where the job is often under time constraints. As well I’ve learned the importance of team communication and positive client relations.


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